I don’t often write reviews or testimonials but feel compelled to do so regarding my experience of breathwork therapy.

I had seen Vivienne for a few hypnotherapy sessions to address some issues with sleep/insomnia accompanied with stress and anxiety, these hypnotherapy sessions were very effective. However, when Vivienne first mentioned breathwork as a means to develop a long term “self help” tool I could use myself, I was, I admit, a little sceptical to say the least. I’m so glad I trusted Vivienne’s judgement.

After several sessions it has truly transformed my life and is continuing to do so. At times it has “taken my breath away” at how effective it has been to release feelings of stress, anxiety and fear. With practice I now find when I “connect my breath” it provides me with an almost, instant feeling of calmness and release. Rather than allowing and enabling those negative emotions to build, suddenly I feel aware and in control.

I have experienced so much emotional release under the calming guidance of Vivienne, who is an expert in her field. Vivienne knows which way to direct and guide the session in order to address the areas I need help and support with, she often knows what I’m thinking before I do!

I have felt the deepest feelings of true joy, happiness and peace, like no other time in my life. It is truly life changing. I feel blessed to have discovered breath work and Vivienne, who has such a relaxed persona and always makes me feel at ease and able to just be me without ever feeling judged.