Hypnobirthing sessions
I was quite anxious about the pregnancy and birthing experience as this was my first pregnancy. I’ve
had several hypno-birthing sessions with Vivienne. I found them both very informative and positive.
The hypno sessions I found to be very relaxing, and I felt so much more confident with each session.
The positive outcome was I had a natural birth after a 12 hour labour, with a little gas and air. What
kept me going was the breathing practise which I used throughout the contractions (which I had
several sessions of with Vivienne) along with the visualisations from the hypnobirthing sessions.
I would recommend Vivienne for both breathwork and hypnobirthing, I feel the sessions I had with
Vivienne, empowered me to have a positive birth experience, her approach is calming, soothing and
very supportive.