EDMR Specialist in Warwickshire

Breathwork with Vivienne.
I’ve experienced some serious stress, anxiety and long periods of deep depression over a period of
20 years and had a severe impact on my health over the years. I’ve tried many different routes and
approaches to help reduce stress and anxiety which can often result in severe panic attacks and
affect my ability to work and to thrive in my day-to-day life.

I was introduced to breathwork by Vivienne, after reaching out for some hypnotherapy sessions for
my panic attacks. I’ve had a monthly breathing session with Vivienne over the last 14 months. I feel
these sessions have really helped me so much. I’ve learned how to use the breathing technique on a
daily basis. This helps to move me past feelings of overwhelm and sinking into a deep state of
anxiety. I now feel I have more control over my thoughts and feelings and can get “under them”
with breathwork before they get “on top” of me.

I’m so grateful to Vivienne to have introduced me to breathwork, her guidance, support and
patience have been key to help break a very old cycle of negative thoughts and feelings. I would
recommend her to anyone who experiences anxiety, and depression and needs an alternative way

Hypnobirthing sessions
I was quite anxious about the pregnancy and birthing experience as this was my first pregnancy. I’ve
had several hypno-birthing sessions with Vivienne. I found them both very informative and positive.
The hypno sessions I found to be very relaxing, and I felt so much more confident with each session.
The positive outcome was I had a natural birth after a 12 hour labour, with a little gas and air. What
kept me going was the breathing practise which I used throughout the contractions (which I had
several sessions of with Vivienne) along with the visualisations from the hypnobirthing sessions.
I would recommend Vivienne for both breathwork and hypnobirthing, I feel the sessions I had with
Vivienne, empowered me to have a positive birth experience, her approach is calming, soothing and
very supportive.

Over the last year I have had a number of online sessions (both breathwork & hypnotherapy) with
Vivienne after a series of difficult life changing events which happened over the last 7 years. I was
left feeling highly anxious, sometimes depressed and I had no sense of optimism. Vivienne's style is
very gentle, warm and insightful.
After my very first session I left with a little spring in my step, feeling more positive, after my second
I felt like I was in a completely different place. I felt optimistic, positive and more in control of my
emotions. Subsequent sessions have consolidated and informed me, to utilise my breath to help. I
do think her sessions have helped me deal with day to day life and the challenges that come up
much, much better than I ever have. After both breath work sessions and hypnotherapy sessions (to
target on specific issues) I now know how to manage my anxiety and negative thoughts.
I’ve seen a few hypnotherapists previously and I can honestly say Vivienne is the by far the best and
most effective person I have seen. I can’t recommend her enough. If you are considering
hypnotherapy or breath-working sessions, I would absolutely recommend her.

I don’t often write reviews or testimonials but feel compelled to do so regarding my experience of breathwork therapy.

I had seen Vivienne for a few hypnotherapy sessions to address some issues with sleep/insomnia accompanied with stress and anxiety, these hypnotherapy sessions were very effective. However, when Vivienne first mentioned breathwork as a means to develop a long term “self help” tool I could use myself, I was, I admit, a little sceptical to say the least. I’m so glad I trusted Vivienne’s judgement.

After several sessions it has truly transformed my life and is continuing to do so. At times it has “taken my breath away” at how effective it has been to release feelings of stress, anxiety and fear. With practice I now find when I “connect my breath” it provides me with an almost, instant feeling of calmness and release. Rather than allowing and enabling those negative emotions to build, suddenly I feel aware and in control.

I have experienced so much emotional release under the calming guidance of Vivienne, who is an expert in her field. Vivienne knows which way to direct and guide the session in order to address the areas I need help and support with, she often knows what I’m thinking before I do!

I have felt the deepest feelings of true joy, happiness and peace, like no other time in my life. It is truly life changing. I feel blessed to have discovered breath work and Vivienne, who has such a relaxed persona and always makes me feel at ease and able to just be me without ever feeling judged.


Vivienne’s approach to helping was second to none.

She is an accomplished hypnotherapist accredited with the CHNC, which I was recommended to only choose a professional from.

I was made to feel very comfortable during my treatment and the benefits are ringing true to me now.


I visited Vivienne recently to discuss some issues I’ve been having. Vivienne instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease. The surroundings were very comforting as well.

I had a mixture of hypnotherapy and EMDR and Vivienne is clearly an expert in this field. I can honestly say I’ve never felt how I did during or after my treatment. I can recommend Vivienne without hesitation for anyone having difficulty with any of the conditions that she treats.

DanC – 365

She has a great knack of analysing the root cause of issues, and tailoring solution to remedy this using hypnotherapy, breathing and other techniques. She has a fantastic approach and demeanour, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.


I had a really valuable session with Vivienne, which has helped me enormously in my day to day life. Not having had a hypnotherapy session before I was unsure as to what would happen. I had an initial call with Vivienne who put me at my ease straight away. After my face to face session I was given practical tips to ensure a successful outcome. I would highly recommend, especially if you have not been down this path before.