Breathwork with Vivienne.
I’ve experienced some serious stress, anxiety and long periods of deep depression over a period of
20 years and had a severe impact on my health over the years. I’ve tried many different routes and
approaches to help reduce stress and anxiety which can often result in severe panic attacks and
affect my ability to work and to thrive in my day-to-day life.

I was introduced to breathwork by Vivienne, after reaching out for some hypnotherapy sessions for
my panic attacks. I’ve had a monthly breathing session with Vivienne over the last 14 months. I feel
these sessions have really helped me so much. I’ve learned how to use the breathing technique on a
daily basis. This helps to move me past feelings of overwhelm and sinking into a deep state of
anxiety. I now feel I have more control over my thoughts and feelings and can get “under them”
with breathwork before they get “on top” of me.

I’m so grateful to Vivienne to have introduced me to breathwork, her guidance, support and
patience have been key to help break a very old cycle of negative thoughts and feelings. I would
recommend her to anyone who experiences anxiety, and depression and needs an alternative way