Over the last year I have had a number of online sessions (both breathwork & hypnotherapy) with
Vivienne after a series of difficult life changing events which happened over the last 7 years. I was
left feeling highly anxious, sometimes depressed and I had no sense of optimism. Vivienne's style is
very gentle, warm and insightful.
After my very first session I left with a little spring in my step, feeling more positive, after my second
I felt like I was in a completely different place. I felt optimistic, positive and more in control of my
emotions. Subsequent sessions have consolidated and informed me, to utilise my breath to help. I
do think her sessions have helped me deal with day to day life and the challenges that come up
much, much better than I ever have. After both breath work sessions and hypnotherapy sessions (to
target on specific issues) I now know how to manage my anxiety and negative thoughts.
I’ve seen a few hypnotherapists previously and I can honestly say Vivienne is the by far the best and
most effective person I have seen. I can’t recommend her enough. If you are considering
hypnotherapy or breath-working sessions, I would absolutely recommend her.